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Top5 knowledge dose - Easter version

26 Apr 2019

Hello and welcome to my archive of applied knowledge I enjoyed lately!

About four weeks ago when I started this blog post ( :)))) ) I was in tune with media a lot as it seems I’ve continued to do lately. I can recommend some super entertaining SF series (Umbrella Academy - the funny one and Nightflyers - the creepy one).

More recently I’ve had my eyes on the following interesting things:

  • Fit to fat and back is a documentary on the journey of a personal trainer and model who wants to better understand his clients. He does this by gaining weight (50% of his own body weight - 40kg) then losing it again, all during the course of a year. His story showed me pain, resilience, uncertainty. Most of all I enjoyed that he put himself out there.
  • Wim Hof at UPW in 2017. Energy filled talk on breathing life into yourself. This is an interesting entrypoint into Wim’s method. Also if you want more info on UPW don’t hesitate to ask, I’ve been there (but not then) and it was awesome!
  • Zooming into quarks. How much down is a down quark ? What is a molecule ? How does an electron orbital look like ? Actually there are no textual answers in this clip since it is only a short 1 minute visualisation of all the above. It starts from the scale of a person then goes all the way to a proton.
  • Before I finish I want to send you best wishes for the Easter holidays and leave you with an amazing playlist from Pete Complete’s channel for a walkthrough of Rimworld. This game is super addictive in a nerdy way, also the guy is super funny and somehow makes even cannibalism sound enjoyable.

Thanks for reading and welcome back every time!