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Meaningwave, Naval Ravikant

18 Aug 2019

Hey there,

I’ve been compulsively reaching out for Naval - how to get rich - youtube album for a while now. Research took me to find out the term meaningwave coined I guess by Akira the don. The content in the album belongs to Naval Ravikant. Am absolutely loving it!

Some reading on the knowledge podcast on Naval and also the yt recording with Tim Ferriss.


Excitement done, a short summary of the 1:25h listen is Naval’s explanation for the mindset behind making money.

Key phrases: the purpose of wealth is freedom, true wealth creation, everybody can be wealthy, making money is not about luck, luck to destiny, you’re not going to get rich renting out your time, maintain your freedom, society always wants new things, everyone to everyone, long term games with long term people, intelligence energy integrity, rational optimism, specific knowledge, follow your obsession, the builder & the seller, read what you love until you love what you read.